Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goddamit, I have to stop doing that.

Stupid gravity.

This is actually the third time this trip that I've dropped the bike. Yesterday I dropped it twice, once on the side of the road (which I posted the picture of), and then AGAIN later that day after I'd posted, when I was pulling a U-turn and stalled the bike mid-turn. Down I went in the middle of the road, this time with the bike laying on top of my left leg. I was pinned under it in the middle of a twisty road.

Fortunately, there was good visibility in both directions, the first vehicle to come across me was a girl in a pickup who was able to lift the bike up just enough for me to get my leg out from under it. No damage to me, save for me ego (the girl was cute as hell, but I was too embarrassed to flirt). As for my bike, I cracked a bit off the windshield. Maybe at some point I'll figure out a way to glue or splice it back on, but it's not too big of a deal.


The drop today was just as I was getting ready to go in the morning. I'd gotten all packed, had all my gear on the bike, had it idleing, off the kickstand and was sitting on it holding it in position with my legs. I moved to put my helmet on and JUST as I was about to slide it over my head, I caught a glance of some enormus bug sitting inside it. Just as I noticed said bug, it lept out of the helmet RIGHT AT MY FUCKING FACE. At least, that's what my brain thought it was doing. I starled, jumped up . . . and down went the bike.

But oh, it gets better. By which I mean I get awesomer. I unclip what gear I can from the bike, reach under it to put it in gear so I can pick it up . . . and place my left hand right onto the exhaust pipe.


It's actually not that bad of a burn. Mostly superficial, very light blistering, and it only hurt like hell for a couple of hours. I didn't have any ice or anything, but soaking my glove in water and then riding helped cool it down pretty well. At least I'm right handed.

I have more pictures of some of the roads and weird things that I've seen so far today, but I'm camped and dialed in through my cell phone, which has a very weak and intermittent signal, making uploading much of anything a pain. I'll get more stuff uploaded soon, so check back.

On that note, I'm going to bed. Night all.

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  1. dude, sorry about the bad luck, keep on trucking :)