Thursday, May 2, 2013

A 30,000 mile summer

It's been a while since I spent a long time on the road, and the last few years have been . . . interesting.  I've bounced around the planet a bit; lived on a tropical atoll in the central Pacific Ocean for a couple of years, but decided it didn't fit me very well.  So I quit that job, and moved back to Antarctica to spend the austral summer working at Palmer Station, in Antarctica (

I've worked quite a lot in the last few years; saved some money, bought a couple of motorcycles, and now comes my reward to myself.

This will be a 30,000 mile summer.

This is NOT the actual route; just the major destinations tossed into Google Maps.  You really think I'd ever spend that much time on interstates?

Today I roll out of Chicago, and the wheels won't stop turning until sometime in September when I go back to work in Antarctica. The bike is my new(ish) 2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650, which I've spent the last month farkling to the hilt.

The Elka 3-way rear shock on this thing alone cost almost as much as I've paid for entire motorcycles.  And yes, that's truck be liner on the fairing.

I've been mentally planning this trip ever since I finished my last trip in 2009, and seriously planning for almost a full year. It's going to be a great summer; check in here often to hear all about it!