Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stretching it out a little more

Now it's looking like I won't be back in Chicago until Friday, and possibly even Saturday. I'm at a campground (a fancy Koa one, with free wi-fi) just south of Omaha tonight, and there's a couple tourist attractions in town that I'm REALLY tempted by. There's an Air & Space museum, as well as a WW2 museum. Neither of those topics are unique or specific to this area, but still, it's tempting.

Right now, it's 500 miles from me to Chicago, and while I could theoretically do that in a day, I don't want to have to end this trip in a massive mile burn. Taking a couple of days to do it will result in me being much less sore and at least being able to semi-enjoy what's left of my time on the road.

Once I get back to Chicago, I'm going to start working on the massive backlog of pictures that I have, so the next couple weeks are going to see a deluge of large posts.

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  1. You are depressing me with the going home angst. While I'm working and saving up for the next trip I've been vicariously riding by reading your blog and updating my own web site from last summer's trip (

    I stayed at the Gretna KOA you are currently in last year on my way to Maine. Check out days 4 & 5 here: