Wednesday, August 12, 2009

At least now I can see my bank account dwindleing

I know I promised more of a dent in the backlog, but I've been distracted. A very special friend of mine made the 16+ hour drive from Milwaukee out to Montana, where I currently am, just to see me. So I figured I owe her some attention, hence the lack of computering.

In my days off, though, I have managed to get something accomplished that I've been meaning to do for a while.

The glasses I've been wearing are an almost three year old prescription; they were my backup glasses. I scratched to the point of uselessness/destroyed my proper prescription when I was working in Antarctica, and then scratched badly/lost my prescription sunglasses somewhere in Quebec. So since then, I've been on my old pair, with no sunglasses. It's been swell.

But, $490 later (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST), I can see. The place I got the eye exam had my lenses in stock, so they put them into my old frames same day. I guess that's the benefit of having a fairly weak prescription. I was even able to (after a lot of calling around) find a place that sold mountaineer-style sunglasses and had the lenses I needed in stock. The new sunglasses look RIDICULOUS on me, but they're awesomely functional. They're ultra-close fitting and have leather bits on the arms to prevent light and wind from getting in the side, and the polycarb lenses are ANSI rated for use as safety goggles. I'm picking them up in a few hours, so I'll post pictures then.

I look at them sort of like these idiotic-looking boots that I've been wearing for the past 6 years. Sure, I look dumb as hell in them, but they're so functional that I'm okay with that.

Having the proper prescription is neat, though. I can have my little laptop screen way far away from me, and still see it and type! And now I'll have proper sunglasses, so there's less of the "OH CRAP GLARE I'M BLIND I HOPE I DON'T HIT ANYTHING" while riding the bike.

The plan is to get out of here sometime tomorrow, and burn the miles as fast as I can to the west coast. I'm so far behind schedule that it's hilarious; I'm worried I won't make it to the Grand Canyon in time to get up to Burning Man. We shall see.

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