Friday, August 21, 2009

CRAP. My gear-hauler for Burning Man bailed on me. Anyone else going by way of Reno?

Okay guys, I'm kinda fucked right now. Here's my situation:

I was going to be hitting up Burning Man on September 1st; I bought my ticket months ago, this will be the second time I've gone (first time on a bike).

My plan was to meet up with a friend in Reno, who was going in an R/V. I'd buy the extra things I needed for BM there in Reno with my friend, and she'd carry it to the event with me in her RV. Mostly the ~20 gallons of water, but also the vinegar, bicycle, and all those other little Playa-specific things that you can't fit on a motorcycle without a trailer.

So, guess what happened? My friend just bailed on me. Couldn't line up an RV, and has decided not to go.


So, I'm hoping to find someone who's caging it to Burning Man this year, and could carry some stuff for me. Here's what I'd need us to do:

We'd meet up in Reno August 30th, and hit up a couple stores so I can buy the things I'll need for myself. Mostly this will be water, but also a gallon of vinegar, some food, and a shade structure of some sort. I'd load it into/onto your vehicle, and we'd ride/drive the ~200 miles to the playa.

Also, a bicycle. Probably stopping in Gerelatch to get one of the $40 bikes that you turn in at the end of the festivle.

So, anyone passing through Reno on their way there?


  1. if it comes down to it you could always just rent a car, and see if someone in the area is willing to let you leave your bike in the area at there place or rent a storage unit.

  2. don't forget to use craigslist! i wish i knew anyone who would be going this year, as that's the route we'd take.

    good luck