Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real-time update

I'm in a tiny town in West Texas called Sanderson, at a campground that has Wi-fi. I'm actually sitting in the laundry shed typing this, because I forgot to charge my laptop while on the bike and opened it to find the battery dead. And the signal in the shed here is so weak that there is literally a 6" area that I need to have the laptop in for it to work, so I'm sitting on one of the washers with the laptop balanced precariously on a window sill.

I've actually failed completely at stealth camping both of the last two nights (hell, for most of this trip), everything in Texas is surrounded by barb wire fences and TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT signs.

I'm toying with checking out Big Bend National Park, and after that I'll be heading up to Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks. Looking forward to getting to NM and AZ, there's a wealth of National Forests up there, and basically none in West Texas.

Lets see, things to note over the last few days:

-Stayed with a friend in Austin, and the ginormous pair of breasts that he's married to
-Met up with goon at an IHOP for coffee and a few hours of me talking about myself (sorry if I came across as self-centered)
-Replaced the rear wheel bearings and front tire on my Wee. Although now that I look at it I might need a rear tire soon too. Crap. Why do I insist on running soft sport rubber on my dual-sport bike?
-Road the Three Sisters in Texas. Holy crap, roller coaster roads! Came over some hills with enough speed that the bike scraped stuff on the ground when it settled back onto the suspension
-Got a fleece liner for my sleeping bag. OMG LUXURY I HAVE NEVER KNOWN YOU BEFORE.
-Discovered that the PO of my Olympia suit had seam-sealed all of the vent zippers shut. SON OF A BITCH. Anyone know of a solvent that will dissolve this shit without fucking up the fabric/plastic?
-Been perfecting the "flat and mostly straight" riding position on my bike:


(throttle lock on, leaning back on the seat bag with my left foot on the crash bar, right foot on the dashboard, and the buckle of my boot wedged against the master cylinder so I can control the direction of the bike by flexing my leg. It's heavenly when the shoulders are starting to get sore)

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