Saturday, July 25, 2009


FUCK. I rode up a short trail to find a spot to camp last night, and I dinged the bottom of the bike pretty hard on a big rock I hadn't seen. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but the next morning, I found the bike had no oil in it: There was what looked like a dinged bolt on the bottom of the engine, and the oil had leaked out of it.

I walked a couple miles to the nearest gas station and bought a few liters, and managed to hitch a ride back to the bike with a guy on an ATV. I packed everything on the bike, and just before I rode out, I put the oil in.

AW SCHNIT. The leak was way worse then I thought. I hurridly put on all my gear and rode back into town, stopping at a Yamaha dealer that I'd seen on my way out of town. I had my eyes on the oil light the whole way, ready to kill the engine the minute it came on.

I rolled into the dealer's parking lot in a cloud of blue smoke, with oil almost pissing out of the engine. And now I'm here, standing in their lobby on a computer they have hooked up to the internet.

Damage report: Punched a hole in the crankcase cover, at least, that's what I can see so far. I might have fux0red the crankcase as well. I'd be looking at a 2-3 WEEK wait to get a new part, at $250 for the part, and then maybe three hours of labor to do it, IF that's all that is broken. I'll have to pull off the cover to see, and that involves removing the starter, clutch cover, crash bars, footrests, and some other stuff. There is a possibility that I could pull it off and have it welded (It's cast aluminum), and re-thread the bolt hole, but I won't know until I pull it off.

I just found out the damage a couple minutes ago, so I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I don't know if there's any inmates in Whitehorse I can stay with, so I'm going to check the ADV rider listing. If not, I might find a campground. I wonder if I can rent a bicycle anywhere?

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