Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Puppies make everything happy

I'm still in Whitehorse, waiting for another part to get in.  Due to my crankcase cover getting held up in customs, it won't be in until tomorrow.  Such is life.

I'm currently staying at the Motel/RV park next to the Yamaha dealer.  While technically they don't have tent camping, the operator is letting me pitch my tent behind some of their buildings, as well as use their internet, bathrooms and showers.  And she's even let me use their staff room as a sort of day-room, complete with a microwave and fridge.  In exchange for me staying here for almost free, she has me helping out with chores around the place, yardwork and cleaning stuff, things like that.  Things that young guys are good for.

But of all the things this campground is equipped with, nothing is better then Dawson.  Their 6-week-old Black Lab/Newfoundland mix (so yeah, he's small now, but expected to get to 150lbs)

I don't think there exists a happier puppy in the whole world.  What more could a dog ask for?  He's got this whole RV park to run around in, as well as the forests that border it on almost all sides, and a seemingly never-ending stream of people who are delighted to play with him and give him petting and hugs!  He's just painfully adorable to watch; running around the place tripping on his over-sized paws and bumping into things, pouncing on whatever moves and catches his ADHD puppy-brain's interest, and taking naps in the shade of trees.

We've totally become BFFs.  I think I broke some little girls heart yesterday, though!  This family pulled up in a mini-van, and two girls, probably sisters got out, probably like 6-8 or something.  And they saw Dawson, who ran up and started playing with them . . . until Dawson saw me walking over to the main office, and instantly ran away from the girls to come pester me for attention.

THE LOOK ON THOSE POOR GIRLS FACES.  Oh god, I felt like such a bad person.

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