Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goodby, Alaska

Well, I'm just about to leave Alaska, and cross onto the Top of the World highway to Dawson. The border is closed now, so I won't pass through until tomorrow, and this connection is still to slow for a picture update.

I'm in a "town" called Chicken right now, I've spent the last couple days here panning for gold. Found maybe $15 worth, not enough to do anything with, but enough to look pretty in a vial. Weather has been mostly good, save for the rain coming out of Anchorage, it's been pretty damn great all the way up here.

And, as for my . . . friend that I met in Anchorage . . . I don't kiss and tell. :)

(At least, not on a publicly accessible blawg)

1 comment:

  1. man alive.. took me almost a week but I finally finished your whole blog.. Fellow SA goon.. Good luck on the rest of your journey!