Thursday, July 30, 2009


IT WORKS! I win at the universe! Or at least motorcycle repair.

I spent the majority of today working on the bike, putting on the new (to me) crankcase cover. The crankcase itself had some small cracks on it, which I cleaned and JB welded before swapping all the parts from the old cover to the new one. I had to re-do it a couple times due to me first forgetting to put part of the clutch mechanism in, and then having it adjusted the wrong way, but with a good amount of liquid gasket, everything seems to be holding.

The only problem I've run into is that the starter gear solenoid fork seems to be sticking a bit. The first few times I tried to start the bike, the starter gear wouldn't engage. I pulled off the spring cover and moved it back and forth a few times manually with a screwdriver, it seems to be working okay now. Worst case scenario if this happens in the middle of nowhere, it's an easy fix to limp to town (take off three bolts and poke it with a screwdriver).

So it's looking like I should get out of here sometime tomorrow. I'm going to spend one more night here, take the bike into town and ride around some just to make sure the repair has a good chance of holding.

I'll try to remember to do a larger update on the repair before I leave here, with pictures and things.

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  1. You're so manly. Saying words like "JB welded" and "starter gear solenoid fork." And "poke it with a screwdriver."