Saturday, July 4, 2009

Canada is full of cute girls

I've made it up to the Yukon, and so far, the scenery is excellent here.

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Not just the mountains and things, but even though we're basically in the middle of nowhere, they still have managed to import an entire army of really cute girls, many of them covered in ink and piercings. How the hell do they get them all the way up here?! Even the girls on the highway work crews were damn cute.

Oh, that's something else strange that I've noticed. The VAST majority of the highway work crews so far have been female. I've passed a few crews that were ALL female, and even on the larger crews, ladies seem to outnumber guys 2:1.

Quebec was the same way, the vast majority of the female population was well above average in terms of attractiveness (And they wear very short skirts). No, I has no pictures, because I don't feel like being "that guy" who's just walking around taking pictures of all the girls.

Canada is a good place.

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