Sunday, June 14, 2009

Current location: ~50 miles east of Montreal

I wasn't able to find my tent poles, sadly. Went back and asked, and checked the roadside around, but no luck. Blarg.

The thing is, I really like that Jack Wolfskin tent. My dad is bringing me an inexpensive REI Half-Dome, which is much smaller and simpler then the relatively fancy (and expensive) tents that I've managed to loose the poles to so far. And, hopefully, is actually waterproof. I really did like the Jack Wolfskin tent a lot, though. It's kinda big on the outside for not-that-large interior dimensions, but it's very warm, and sets up easily and quickly, even in the rain. I just wish it actually kept the rain out, and that I could manage to hang onto the poles.

Anyway, I'm in a motel again tonight. There went another $60 I didn't want to spend. But at least there is internet, and I've got some time to kill. So I'm working on a big picture post that I'll hopefully have up later tonight, covering the last week or so since I left NYC.

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