Thursday, June 11, 2009

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moar funny pictures

My very own lolcow. I didn't know cows could get that hairy (or is that a bison?).

Anyway, I'm currently in Houlton, a little town on the border of Maine, about to cross into Canada-land. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to skip going into Nova Scotia. I want to make it to the Dust 2 Dawson motorcycle rally in the Yukon Territory by June 26th, which means that I've got just fifteen days to get my ass all the way up there. I really did want to poke around in Nova Scotia, but the time frame just isn't allowing for it, sadly. Lame.

So, the plan now is to head into New Brunswick, then northwest into Ontario, and keep pushing west from there.

I've got pictures and videos from the last few days, but given that Photobucket is being bitchy, and I'm on a public library computer that doesn't have any video editing software on it, I'm going to have to hold off uploading stuff.

I did spend some time yesterday riding up to the summit of Mt Washington. Other then that, I've spent most of the last three days getting rained on. I'm in my new (to me) Jack Wolfskin tent, which while it's awesome, is also a lot bulkier to pack then my old tent. I think I need to stop by an REI or some kinda outfitter store for a larger stuff-sack, because with the thicker material that this tent is made from, my current stuff-sack is barely able to hold it, and I think is about to rip apart at the seems.

Hopefully the weather will get a bit better, as I'm really sick of everything being cold and wet. On the upside, my riding gear is holding up well and is doing it's job; save for some minor issues with wind sneaking in around my neck, I've been able to stay comfortable and dry even through some pretty lame storms. But at this point my tent is soaked through, and my sleeping pad is getting there as well.

As I look outside, though, the clouds seem to be breaking up, and I haven't gotten rained on yet today. Lets hope that holds out.

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