Sunday, June 14, 2009

Status Update

I'm still way far East, roughly in Roberval, Quebec. I'm in my hotel
that I got last night, but I'll be checking out mid-day to continue
back east to the gas station where I left my tent poles. My father is currently driving up from Chicago in my vauge direction (this was planned before I lost the poles, he was going to be meeting me in Winnipeg, but is now heading more east) with another tent, one that is hopefully waterproof.

If I find the tent poles (unlikely), I will head back northwest to
Chapais, which takes me through a lot more wilderness. If I don't
find them, I'm going to head south, in the direction of Montreal,
hotel it again tonight, and keep pushing west until I meet up with my dad.

Regarding the Jack Wolfskin not being waterproof, it's not the seams,
it's the material itself. Water just soaks through it at an amazing
rate. Not sure if that's just a factor of age? I mean, everything
else about the tent is great, but I spent two days getting rained on,
and ended up being just as wet inside the tent as I would have been

I got distracted by an airshow yesterday, so I wasted most of it taking pictures of aircraft. And getting sunburned. I'll post about that all later.



  1. well, I say "seam sealer" but there's a general waterproofing spray. But if the tent is particularly old it may be time for a new one?

    sorry to hear about the tent poles. but keep your chin up. as long as you're having a good time and enjoying the landscape, that's all that counts :) (though I understand keeping dry is a pretty big "must-have" lol. good luck.

    Safe journeys :)

  2. Here's an idea put the tent and poles somewhere else. like straped to the back side of the duffle. It's how I do mine, and yet to lose anything yet. Also don't fold the tent when you put it in the bag just stuff it in. If it keeps getting folded in roughly the same spot it's gonna wear there and leak. At this point if you write a book or even want to change the name of the blog it could read, "2 wheels, 3 tents, 4 months, and 25k miles: One Nerds Journey around North America."