Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lets try this again, part 2


The next day started out foggy and cold, but cleared up quickly, and by the time we made it to Thunder Bay, was perfect riding weather.

We found the Yamaha shop that I'd called ahead to, and I took a few minutes to install the new speedo cable.

Hooray for a working trip counter again! 

What does annoy me is that my odometer wasn't working for such a long period of time.  Meaning that I'll not have an EXACTLY accurate record of how long this trip was.  Going by google maps, it looks like I covered about 1400 miles with a non-working speedo, so in my head I'll have to add that to whatever the reading is on the odometer.

From Thunder Bay we kept going due west in the vauge direction of Winnipeg.  The scenery was pretty and the weather was great, so we made frequent use of the beautiful highway rest stops.  I took the opprotunity to break out the sausage I'd gotten the day before.

I do love a good wrapped sausage.

Another rest stop later on made a great spot to cook breakfast.  Oatmeal and hot chocolate, the breakfast of champions.

And from the "Pictures of myself next to funny signs" department:

(That "Safe Community" sign makes it even better)

Right outside of Emo (just across from that sign, actually) was one of the smallest churches I'd ever seen.

Finding the door unlocked, I poked my head inside.  It was indeed small, four people would be a crowd in there.

A note on the wall explained the history.

My dad signed the guestbook for us, thwarting my efforts to write something about the great Flying Spagettie Monster in it.

Flipping back through it, other people had some fun with it.

Heading north of Emo, we cleared an area of branches to camp for the night, and the next day, kept going north.


the scenery was fantastic . . . except for the roadwork. 

Oh, how I love gravel.

What made it INFIENTLY BETTER, though, was that I was lucky enough to get stuck behind a water truck spraying down the road.  It might help keep the dust down a bit, but it turned it into a sloppy hell for bikers.

You can't see me behind the water truck, BECAUSE THAT ASSHOLE IN THE CHEVY TRUCK WAS RIDING MY ASS THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME.  Yeah, that's an absolutly BRILLIANT idea.  Tailgating a biker on a sloppy, messy gravel/mud road in a construction area.  Dickhole.  If I'd lost it, I don't think there's any way that twatwaffle would have been able to avoid mushing me.  I hope someone can trace his plates and take a dump on his front porch.

Oooh, neato.

We took the scenic route, and passed into Manitoba sometime mid-day

As we made it to Winnipeg, we saw an OH HOLY CRAP THAT IS SO COOL

I don't think any vehicle has been turned into as many weird art projects as old VWs have.

The top hat makes it just perfect.

Winnipeg is . . . I wasn't impressed with the city.  We tried for an hour to find a hotel, and seemed unable to find someplace reasonably priced that wasn't attached to a bar/strip club, or seemed like the kind of place that rented by the hour.  The whole city, even the "downtown" area, had the feeling that it was kinda falling apart.

We found someplace that was okay, but who's internet was flakey and didn't work well.  (That was actually where I took and posted that video of me pulling a tick off my leg).  The next day, after taking like two goddamn hours to get my oil changed (no place had the filter, then when we found someplace that DID have the filter, the wouldn't take the old oil, so we drove all over the place to find someplace that would take it.

We did take photos of all that, but I had my camera set to full manual macro mode, so the pictures are effectively useless.  Ah well.  I'm blaming my dad for not noticing that something was wrong on the camera.

We parted ways at that point, I heading north, and him heading back to the real world.

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