Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mmmm, food

This morning, I figured that as long as I'm here in a hotel and paying a hell of a lot of money (well, not THAT much, in relative terms, but still. $85 I didn't want to spend), I might as well just bite the bullet and shell out another $12 for their breakfast. Because all I had to eat yesterday were some cereal bars.

It was a full brunch buffet, though. Which made me happy, and it all smelled so goddamn good. I hadn't had meat in like . . . four or five days.

I like the french. Even breakfast needs little deserts.

Om nom nom nom nom. That would be chicken menstruations cooked with moldy cow lactation and pig, along with two other forms of pig, a plain form of potato, and a fancier form of potato with some cow in it, I think. I think that makes this meal . . . 8 points? (3pts for every animal you have to kill, 1pt for every animal you have to annoy)

And srsly, how could I see a marshmallow-covered brownie and not nom it?

Something else that makes me happy;

This is an advert in the hotel elevator. It seems to be acceptable in this fairly nice hotel to advertise the dance club down the street. Which, you know, isn't abnormal, but what you can't really see in the picture I took is that the girl has a pierced sternum and obviously pierced nipples. I know the idea of "Mention whatever you want to sell next to nice boobs" is a universal advertising tactic, it just makes me happy that body piercings and things seem to be more accepted here.

(I actually wrote this this morning, but forgot to hit the *post* button. So here it is 8 hours late)

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