Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, it had to happen sometime

Those who are slightly squeemish might want to look away.

I'm in Winnipeg, MB now. Which, for the record? Is a freaking dump of a city.

My dad followed me up here, but he's heading back south to the USA tomorrow, and I'm heading north, to Flin Flon and eventually, to Alaska. The hotel we're in does have internet, but for some god-forsaken reason my laptop won't connect to the AP in our wing of the hotel, so the only way I can have a connection is to be sitting out in the hallway on the other side of the hotel. Yeah, fun.

I've been editing and uploading videos, and am hoping to hit a coffee shop or library tomorrow and get pictures up, because I know that I'm going to generate a ton of content, and have no time to upload once I leave for the Northwest Territories and Yukon. I won't get to Anchorage for another couple weeks, and I'm not counting on a lot of internet between now and then.

The last few days have been punctuated by alternating cold-and-crappy and warm-and-sunny. We've managed to stealth camp not only with just the bike, but with my dad's mini-van as well. I'll update pictures of it when I can, but right now I'm SO behind that I'm not sure when I'll catch up.

Pictures and more coming soon, guys.

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  1. I'm a little disappointed you didn't like my town.