Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures arn't working, but they're coming back soon

Okay, yes I know that all of my picture links are broken. And no, it's nothing wrong with any of your computers.

I host all my photos on Photobucket, using a free account. The only limitation of the free account, though, is that I'm given a limited amount of bandwith per month to use. And, given how many photos I've been hosting and how popular the blawg has been, I just ran over that limit. So the account is disabled until the bandwith meter gets re-set, which will happen on 6-12-9 (so, four days)

The nags to upgrade to a "Premium" account are targeted at me (the account owner), not you. They want money from me, and in exchange for my money, they'll remove my bandwith limitations. However, I don't feel like parting with my money.

So, give it until 6-12-9, then all the photos will work again.

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