Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So because I'm totally cool, I managed to lose my tent poles.

I was at a scenic lookout on the Blue Ridge parkway, and I'd unstrapped the poles from my saddlebag so that I could get to the delicious snax inside. And, well, I forgot to strap the poles back on.

I noticed they were missing the better part of three hours later, when I was leaving the Laundromat. I even rode BACK up the parkway, 40 miles of backtracking, to see if I could find them, but no luck.

So, dammit.

The current plan is this: I'm staying with a family friend right now in Asheville, NC. My dad is shipping one of his other tents, a really nice Jack Wolfskin that is more of a cool-weather tent, out to a friend of mine in NYC. I'll swing by NYC in the next couple of days, getting there by either motels at night, or if I can find someone through my motorcycle forums to stay with.

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